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Q. How much do our legal services cost?
A. Our costs vary according to the type of legal work required. Generally, we require a retainer and bill by the hour, except for estate planning. All other financial questions can be discussed during the first consultation with one of our attorneys.


Q. Where are we located?
A. We are located at Airport Tower in Irvine at 18881 Von Karman Avenue, Irvine, CA 92612. Our cross-streets are Von Karman Avenue. and Martin Avenue.


Q. What type of law do we do?
A. We specialize in estate planning, probate law, elder law, conservatorship, guardianship and financial elder abuse.


Q. What is Mr. Becker’s experience and expertise?
A. Attorney Eric F. Becker has been practicing law in California for over 25 years. He is licensed to practice law in two states and has over 15 years in managerial experience. This includes running his own law offices, providing guidance and wisdom to associate attorneys, and leading a staff with multitudes of people working relentlessly to fulfill your legal demands. Mr. Becker has received a plethora of awards in the legal field, but his true passion never changes: to provide his clients with successful results.


Q. Is the first consultation free? How can I set it up?
A. Yes! The first 30 minute consultation is free of charge. Simply call our office at (949) 334-3500 to set up an appointment or send us an email in the box below. We do not take walk-in appointments.

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